Oh wow! I actually made it to Oppoblog! Thanks! What’s a trip to Germany (or any country for that matter) without any jalop-spotting? Here’s what i saw on my very short visit.

If you were imagining Germany to be littered with Porsches, BMWs, Benzes and numerous fast Audis. You’d be almost right. It was at least true for the places i visited.

Especially out on the Alpenstrasse, where so many interesting cars were around that you almost become desensitised to their presence. Almost...

These were mainly taken in the main city of Munich.

Taxis are a rather pricey way of getting around. The 25-30min ride from Munich airport into town ran me close to 50 Euros.

There were quite a number of old/youngtimer machines still on the streets. They clearly love their nostalgic autos. Unfortunately as my time in town was limited, it’s time to move on towards the Nurburgring!

Just a few minutes upon arrival and my eyes were already starting to pop out at the fine automobiles driving around the venue.

Team Bentley were cruising around in style with a number of Bentaygas providing shuttle.

I’d be tempted to say Germany’s car scene is right up there with Japan’s. Just less tuner-y.

The cool cars just kept coming in.

I’d reckon the plate reflects what’s under the bonnet of this really really immaculate E30 M3. So much want! Shortly after collecting our documents, it was time to move our car into the Nurburgring Info Center parking garage.

On our drive in, we’ve passed by numerous camp sites already littered with Porsches and M cars, but in this parking garage, I was like a kid in a candy store. I like how that Beetle is hugging the wall.

Ring Taxi! Shame Sabine is no longer one of the drivers.

There were plenty of cars parked up in their own little “tribes”.

Not that many JDMs on this side of the World.

Normally i wouldn’t be interested in Lamborghinis but this carried Russian plates and made me wonder if the owner drove all the way to the ‘Ring.

A contingent of Swiss plated cars came in shortly before us. I was pretty sure they did drive all the way, must have been an amazing road trip through all the mountain passes.

There were plenty of M-cars in Germany. Is this Heaven?

Clown shoe sans M. Still, a very unique car i’d love to have. We soon found ourselves chilling outside Hotel Döttinger Höhe and i was once again in my happy place just looking at the cars pulling in and out of the service station.

Lovely Opel Kadett made a lovely noise.

Looks like i got spotted! Ooops!

Not your normal everyday 2 Series. This was fully decked out AC Schnitzer vehicle. Judging by the number of heads turned and fingers pointed when it passed through, i guess most people here know their stuff!

Then this came in!


Initially i thought the plates were French but some online detective work showed otherwise! Those are actually German plates but done up in French style. At least, i think so. Hopefully someone can clarify.

Bye bye E30! This car has been a dream of mine for over a decade, but unless i find myself a job in Germany, it remains an impossible dream!

Vintage Opels seem to have a rather strong following here as a pair of really loud Mantas came in with their tweaked V8s burbling really loud and proud.

Check out that rear wheel dish and wild widebody! Very 80's Koenig-Special style no?

Over at our hotel in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler (yes, it was a photo-mode location in Gran Turismo 5!), this is what greeted us as we awoke the next day.

The entire catalogue of AMGs currently on sale, each of them a top-of-the-line variant. Can you imagine a better morning wake up call?

Ending off, here’s an Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio driving pass us as we dropped off our 5 Series press cars en route to Frankfurt Airport for our long flight home.