British Drift Championship: Lots of Oppo

This weekend marks the start of the 2015 British Drift Championship at Lydden Hill in Kent. New year means new cars, new cars not delivered so drivers out in their old cars, and some fresh faces. All of this meant absolutely nothing to me, as I have never been to a drift event (until 11am this morning) never heard of any of the drivers, and only recognised 3 or 4 of the cars. Hey ho, always good to try new things.

The events runs in 3, 3 hour sessions, 9-12 is practise, 12-3 is qualifying for the top 32, and 3-6 is the top 32 run offs down to the winner.

Qualifying is very confusing to a newbie, but basically consists of each car running twice on its own, and being scored. The top 32 scores go through to the top 32 (cant think how they got the name), and the others head home.


From there on its all tandem drifting, which was massively impressive. The event builds quite nicely as the better drivers steadily work their way to the top, and the speeds increase as does the closeness of the cars, throughout the afternoon.

For anyone who’s not been, head down to a drifting event, its remarkably good fun, and everyone really did just seem to be there to have a good time. It didn’t take itself seriously and was all the better for it.

Anyways, enough words, picture time:

Sideway Supra = the best kind of Supra

Drift estate. Yep, thats a thing

Car, and engine on trailer. The levels of steering lock these things can achieve is ridiculous

Japanese machinery, unsurprisingly was well represented.

tyres lasted on average, 2 runs, so thats 2 miles per pair...

Tis but a scratch.

Tis but a scratch pt.2

E92 M3 being used to tether the tent down. Of course.

Meh, who needs headlights anyways.

Love the little details, like the spring fastened bumpers, so they just pop off if needed.

very clean R33 skyline,

The crowd on the bank must have been about 80% rubber by the end of the day.

And plenty of rubber getting left on the track

Bye bye crowd, lovely 70s Celica making a cloud.

Team Japspeed brought 4 different cars out to play.

another E92 M3, but with a 2JZ fitted (Supra engine I think)

This Supra was rumored to be pushing out around about 1000 BHP.

Subaru Imprezas, good at going sideways on tarmac and gravel.

Falken Tyres must have one of the prettiest contemporary liveries of any racing team/sponsor.

Monster energy sponsorship. Well of course, its drifting

Lovely E36 M3, but making perhaps a few more horses now than when it left Munich

DriftHer, female drift team

This Impreza had come over from Malta, but only made it to the last 32 before being knocked out.

The Lexus IS is Japspeeds reserve car, only making about 600ish horsepower. always handy to have a spare...

drift volvo. thats all I need to say about that.

this driver is 16!!!! and driving a 1000bhp 200sx. and hes 16!!!. 16!!!!! (did I mention he is 16)

arty paddock shot. because why not.

tandem drifting = more tyre smoke!

two of the oldest cars up against each other.

one of the Pro Am drivers made it to the final 32, only to come up against the reigning champion. Suffice to say the champion won.

Oldest and lightest car in the field, versus the heaviest. these guys ended up running about 5 times for 1 reason or another. A little bit of rubbing ensured the Skyline came out on top.

gratuitous sideways BMW shot.

one mighty low S14.

LS powered AE86 Corolla. Sounded beasty.

SO. MUCH. SMOKE. Looks like Snoop Dogs hotel room...