My grandpa has, among other things, a first-gen S-15 pickup. I’d like to have it, because I kinda want all the cars. As is it looks about like this one.

Except it currently wears the coolest wheels GM ever made, checkerboards.

Which, while awesome, I would replace with a set of 15x8 American Racing VN501 500 MONO CAST wheels:


and a set of BF Goodrich Radial T/A Tires in P275/60R15

and some drop spindles to get the ride height down a bit


Can’t forget the most important parts

because... V8 SWAP YO! (420 horse aluminum head 383 stroker)

I hate chrome valve covers, so lets swap those.

and a T56 while I’m at it

and, because I want some occasional rowdy stupidity:

Basically, a somewhat understated blackout street fighter.