My company kind of forced me into an internal job transfer. They had a new project start up and needed workers. I complained way too much even though the new project was suppose to be where the hot shots go. I regret complaining, sort of. I think I emailed one of the new head guys too often (like four times this week) and accidentally over stepped him while trying to get my credentials into the door alarm system - I didn’t even ask him, I asked the guy that does the alarms.

The guy does not like me. In honestly, I don’t really like him. I’m a small woman, he’s kind of a big guy. He has an ego in the ‘I’m such a hot shot’ kind of way and I have an ego in the ‘Look, I’m not starting over and going to be extra bold’ kind of way. Also, I’m a slight asshole.

Terrible first week. Too many evenings consisted of beer. Too many mornings consisted of stopping my car on the side of the road during my 45 minute commute and debating if I really wanted to keep going.