I was returning from having lunch with my wife when I happened to be walking into the building with a lady. She was late 30's, nice looking, short blonde... She murmured to herself about what a nice car that was. "What car was that?" She responded: "The C7 that Bob just bought." Then things got interesting.

"Someone got a Stingray here?" I asked. "Yup, a British Racing Green Stingray Corvette." Not a lot of people know what "British Racing Green" is, much less a lot of attractive women. But the next unsolicited comment she made had me really curious: "I should race him with my Pony. He wouldn't be able to keep up with me." "Pony? You have a Mustang?" We then walked into the elevator.


"Yeah, it's a 2013 GT500 with the racing pack. It has just over 800 horsepower." "Wait... You have a GT500 SUPER SNAKE?! Is it in the parking garage?!?!", I gasped. "No, I keep her at home, well-waxed and babied. She's black, so I have to keep her clean." She then exited the elevator on the second floor, and I continued my trip up to the fourth.

Since I am very happily married, I submit this woman as your dream girl. Guys, don't lie and tell me that you're not drooling.