The Swedes may have given the Volvo 1800ES a boring alphanumeric name, but the Germans call this model Schneewittchensarg, which translates literally to "Snow White's coffin." Add a Corvette V8 and suddenly the resemblance to a coffin becomes more than a little apropos.

As luck would have it, we had just posted a rusty basket case Volvo 1800ES when tipper Rene C sends us another one. This one looks like it has a serious case of hood cancer — which upon further investigation appears to be multiple gauges and a huge hood scoop for V8 air cleaner clearance. Perfect. Find this 1973 Volvo 1800ES with 327 Corvette V8 currently offered for $8,200 with zero bids and 5 days to go on ebay, possibly located in Charlotte, NC.

The Volvo 1800ES is a regular around these pages, because it combines unique good looks, functional useability and a basic price tag. Today's example has traded some of that functionality for drift-ability, but the price tag is still good. Unfortunately the price is low because rust is popping through the surface like signs that Lindsay Lohan is about to have another breakdown. This car is a few paint chips and a shoplifting trip without underwear away from needing a complete makeover.

Under the bubbly and freckled exterior is a monster Chevrolet 327 cubic inch V8 taken from an undisclosed model year Corvette. Power in excess of 300 horsepower is simply an issue of selecting an appropriate cam/heads/intake setup, but headers may be out of the question with constraints of the tiny Volvo engine bay.


This inside looks decent in the picture provided, but an aftermarket steering wheel and Corvette shifter look out of place in the Swedish classic. But that won't matter much once you start pushing this thing around the street with triple the original horsepower. Power assisted disc brakes up front should keep it from getting too sketchy, but the added weight could be an issue in the turns. Only one way to find out.

This is what a V8 powered 1800 should look like, as created by oppositelock regular and photoshop genius Arch Duke Maxyenko.

Somebody buy this thing and let us know how it works.

Originally posted as 10k: Hood Cancer: 1973 Volvo 1800ES, CorV8tte Power on Daily Turismo.