My dad got himself a Nikon D800E to replace his main camera that he hasn’t used in a couple years, a Mamiya RZ67. He’s also replacing his secondary camera with the D800E, a D5300. So I just bought the D5300 to replace my D5100. 

It looks nearly identical, just has a bigger screen, better microphone, and most importantly, 24 megapixels vs. the D5100's 16. I also got his 55-200 Nikkor along with the 18-55. I’ve been researching different lenses a lot, and I’ll probably be getting an ultrawide, a prime, and an everyday replacement for the 18-55, once I’ve gotten good enough to justify spending that much on lenses. I mean the Nikkor 18-55 really isn’t terrible, there are just better ones out there.

Here’s the Mamiya. I grew up with my dad always using this camera for his professional pictures, but I can totally understand him finally switching to a DSLR. The backback with everything in it weighs at least 40lbs, whereas the Nikon with its lenses and bag is around half that, and nearly the same picture quality.

I haven’t taken any pictures with it yet, I’ll do some today if I have time, I’m excited to see the difference.