Changed the bank1 upstream O2 that was throwing a code, since I have to get it emission tested by the 21st. Of course that's the REAR bank, and the damn sensor is surrounded by exhaust, power steering, and a/c lines. Plus shifter cables. FUCKFUCKFUCK. Now I remember why I didn't want a transverse FWD V6 car.


Access from above was limited, and since I had to change the oil I put it on the lift and had a gander underneath. No go there, either. I could get a wrench in there, maybe, but there was no room to swing it the way I needed to, to break free the years of rust and heat cycling that exhaust and O2s see.

So back down it came, and I shoved my fat arm in there and surprisingly, it broke free quite easily. (I worked on it while still hot to make the job easier, hoping that the metal would expand, making the sensor come out better). Then I had to disconnect the wire. Usually a two hand job, but there was really only room for one. Luckily, Toyota was nice enough to put a long enough wire that once unclipped from the harness, I could pull it up enough to get a hand on the other side. New sensor went in easy as pie. Filled it with oil and changed the filter (also has to come out from up top) and I'm good to go, right after I cleared the check engine light WITH MY CELL PHONE.