Sorry, wrong site i know, but I also know there are a few other camera nerd out there like me. Does anyone remember this?

Canon Lx-1 cinema style video camera. It had a 1/2 single CCD with a half megapixel resolution, which was plenty for the Hi8 Recording deck. Canon developed the VL lens mount in conjunction with 3 other companies that never bothered to use it, BUT it could also be used with an adapter to work with EF lenses, will full electronic controls.

The VL lenses were quite interesting too; the kit was a f/1.8-2.3 15x zoom that, although not L quality, were pretty good in its own right. If you are thinking about the sony cine linup, or Canons own C series or any of the big name cine cameras right am I. The best part, this was in 1991 which doesn't sound that long ago until you realize this was a car & driver 10 best in 1991

see, I knew i could tie in back to cars.

The history of Canon said the Lx-1 was very popular, especially in America, but I didn't even know about it until I watched the terrible 1996 movie Godzilla for bad movie night.