As my brother opened the gate and pulled partly into the driveway, a man drove past, made a u-turn down the street, parked, and got down. The guy then followed behind and walked into our driveway and headed for the front door. My brother, being larger than I, yet less intimidating (for what I lack in height and muscle I make up for in my intimidating aura), asserted “excuse me, what are you doing?;” to which the guy stopped in his tracks and replied that he’s looking for so and so. The guy then got on his phone to seemingly look for an address before quickly walking to our neighbors house, then down the street to another house. Angry, my brother backed out of the driveway and watched and snapped additional photos as the guy seemingly found the house and person he was looking for. He’s never seen the guy before, nor have I. My blood is boiling just hearing my brother recount what had happened, as I can’t tell if the guy was just stupid enough to walk into a gated property right behind my brother’s car, or if he thwarted more sinisiter intentions (there have been a number of local stories where men and women have been knocking on doors and/or entering properties to scout locations). I passed the guy leaving as I was pulling up to my house.

Be safe oppo friends. 2016 is weird, dangerous, eye opening, confusing, a let down, and joyful all at the same damn time.