Picking my way through the Colorado/Canyon guides that were recently "leaked" I finally get an idea of dimensions.

I've previously written about how compact trucks are indeed still compact but at that time I was guessing for the dimensions on the New GM twins but I now have the figures for comparison.

A Colorado long bed 4x4 crew cab in comparison to the class champ Toyota Tacoma is different in the following dimensions:

.1 inch shorter wheelbase

3.7 inches longer overall

.4 inches narrower

.3 inches higher

with 69 more hp (at higher rpms) and 3 more ft-lbs (again at higher rpms)

The unknowns remain mileage and weight.

As you can see, size is very much holding steady with very little bloat (and in some cases shrinkage) from the nearly decade old Tacoma. The only difference is in the interior, where the slightly larger Tacoma is better head, hip and leg room in almost every category with the exception of rear leg room and front hip room.


Also interesting to note is that the minimum ground clearance is almost a full inch less that the Tacoma.

This isn't going to be what the Chevy Luv'ers want to hear, but it does mean that the substantial looking trucks aren't actually going to be THAT big, which reinforces something I've been blue in the face telling people; YES THEY ARE SMALLER THAN FULL SIZE TRUCKS, EVEN OLDER MODELS.