I figured this picture would get your attention because the title isn't very grabby.

A lot of car commercials today drive me crazy. And there are many different styles which annoy me. There are the cartoon ones, the completely unrealistic ones, and the ones where someone is just driving.

First, the cartoon ones. These ones bother me because it proves that even the manufacturers think the cars are ugly.

This is a still from one of the Ford C-MAX commercials. Notice how it is just a silhouette. No badges, no rims, no doors. They don't want to show the real car because it looks like...


These commercials don't promote driving. They don't even promote the car.

At least Mazda put some effort into the cartoon. But it is still a cartoon.

This one clearly lets you know it is a Mazda.

It is however still a commercial So you don't see "emotions". It doesn't show driving abilities or anything of the sorts. It is just a cute digital family driving in their new SUV.


The next type of commercial is the worst. These are the completley unrealistic ones. Best example, the Ford Fusion Hybrid flying.

Really!? What is the point? A flying car? No one, and I mean no one will try this. This shows nothing to the consumer. ALl I see is that if it goes off a cliff, it'll fly like a paper airplane. Who does this apply to? The person buying a Fusion Hybrid is most likely a middle aged family man, one who has given up on fun driving cars.


Another really bad offender is the Nissan Froniter campaign from last year. I don't know which was worse; the airplane or skiing.

A skiing Nissan. Did they really need to post the warning? While yes, because someone would try it otherwise, but still. How much more unrealistic can you get? A small pickup truck "catching" a plane. The same truck also barrel rolling on the slopes. Put a bit of effort into reality!


The third ones aren't bad. The warnings are what annoy me. These are the realistic driving ones. Think of the BMW or Mercedes Benz commercials where they have a car slicing through canyon roads.

The only bit that annoys me is the fact that they tell you not to attempt and this is a professional on a closed course. They don't want you to drive the car. This bothers me because what else do you do with a car? What else can they show?


So, fellow TV watchers/Gear Heads, what do you think? What are your favorite car commercials What are your least? Let me know below!