tree fell on vibe, need cheap work vehicle, can’t find an Element I like, am considering HHR panel. not a good car by any means, but can has with stick, and would maybe be ok to mile out in only a few years. Only thinking panel, because sedan delivery is cool. regular one is just a chev pt cuiser, but panel is so cool.

found one like this, not an ss, don’t think those are a thing. manual, 2.4 with heated leather, the whole bit, low miles but not cheap. there’s a decent white automatic 2.2 in town for sale, but I’d probably regret getting a gm slusher/four combo, it’s not my bag.


putting on my personal protective equipment, you may now throw things at me. I’ve been warned that after a long string of japanese cars I won’t like the hhr. but I loved my saturn wagon, which was clearly not designed as a wagon. (rear suspension very un wagon like, car was super twisty compared to a sedan.)