I set out to attend a car show Yesterday in Bucyrus Ohio, a rather small town nestled between a few marginally larger towns. A few of my friends were attending, and despite the 90 degree weather, I decided I should as well. I had expected to see a few classic cars, but I ended up seeing so much more.

The truth is, one of my biggest motivations for going was to seek out some quirky cars to photograph and write this piece about that. All I can say is I was quickly blown away. Almost immediately I’d spotted a rare Buick Regal Turbo T, a true Shelby Cobra, and a legitimate GT500KR. This was barely even breaking the surface.

I’d passed multiple vintage Camaros, Chevelles, and made my way to a pristine GT6. I was seriously infatuated with the small size and low profile of this particular car, admittedly I don’t really know much about them. What I do know, however, is that the interior space is so small that I’d struggle to fit myself and a care bear. This was truly an amazing car, and I was very happy to see it.

As I progressed further into the show, I’d snapped multiple photographs of what could possibly be the cleanest example of a BMW Isetta in existence. Once again, this was a first for me laying eyes on one of these in person, and the owner was extremely excited to see someone noticing such a unique car. He’d said that I was the first person he’d noticed taking photographs of it, and I was happy to make his day.

The next car that I would see would consume several minutes of my day, a pristine 1959 Austin Healey .Once again, I’d taken some awesome photographs and was really looking the car over. The owner walked up to me and thanked me for noticing his car. I was so blown away with the overall condition of this old Austin and had to know more. As it turns out, it had been in the family for over 45 years. The owner quickly handed me a scrapbook full of restoration pictures, receipts, and just an overall sense of pride for his machine.


Being that this was such an obscure car, we chatted for about ten minutes and exchanged information, just goes to show you that the automotive scene brings people together in the oddest of ways. I have always had so much love for the Austin Healey and here was one built exactly how it should be. I cannot express how cool this car was in person!

The last car I want to go into major detail about, was a classic Volkswagen Beetle. The owners were standing beside the car with the rear engine lid open, and from about a hundred feet away, I could see why. I’d immediately noticed the Beetle had something special for an engine, and indeed I was right. In place of the old and anemic mill was a Subaru 2.2 boxer, complete with liquid cooling intact. The owners were beyond ecstatic that I knew what the motor was, and fired it up for me. The liquid cooling system was cleverly plumbed and fabricated into the front trunk. All I can really say is this Beetle was easily one of the coolest cars at the show. I’ll apologize ahead of time for shooting the video with my phone oriented incorrectly.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the pictures below, there are many of them. Ohio has a truly epic car scene, and these pictures honestly are a small percentage of everything that was present. My goal here was to find some of the most obscure and amazing rides I could find, and I almost feel bad that the only photography equipment I own is my iPhone 7 plus. Regardless, I hope I did these cars justice by taking the best quality pictures I could, and I cannot express enough how awesome the atmosphere was from everybody in attendance. This is a massively underrated car show, and I’d love to meet up with some of you here next year!

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