Every summer we have an employee/retiree car show at work. This year’s was pretty big. It’s mostly biased towards Ford family vehicles (for reasons which will be obvious) but everything is welcome. I’ll caption some of the more interesting ones.

This year we had another “Pinto Stampede” where Pinto owners from around the country attend:

Pintos. All the Pintos.
Yes, this car actually has a (‘70s) Boss 302 underhood. see next pic
Tight fit.
the far more pedestrian standard Pinto 2.0 engine. Look at all that open space!
the optional 2.8 V6. lots more stuff for only about 20 more horsepower. I think the air conditioning took most of it.
as the kids would say, “dem 70s stripes doe”
OK, enough Pintos.
Probably my second favorite of the modern Thunderbirds. Sharing lots of parts with the Fox Mustang helps.
Mustang SVO. 2.3 liter turbo 30 years before K-Roll’s and Wagon Guy’s cars
Buick Grand National
This is a 1985 so it’s before the bonkers intercooled version. Basically the same engine as the Regal T-Type.
Yes, you could buy a Checker Marathon even if you weren’t a taxi company
I forgot what this was, but took a picture (edit: it’s a Kelmark GT kit car):
Because 13B.
Studebaker Champion.
AMC’s finest.
A 258 six where a Wankel was originally supposed to go. a *bit* cramped.
Yes, you could Brougham up a Matador.
Kaiser Darrin. Check out how the doors open.
couple of ponies
Fiero. But looks can be deceiving.
‘59 Cadillac.
The grille was assembled by hand. all those “bullets” and the grille bars are separate pieces.
DeSoto Fireflite. Back then Chrysler had five brands: Plymouth, Dodge, Chrysler, DeSoto, and Imperial.
This one is loaded, power everything, A/C, and a (gen 1) Hemi.
early style vans had the engine between the seats.
I have found the king of patina.
Pinzgauer. Older Austrian (?) troop transporter.
You could crawl in there and take a nap!
This thing.
Things were simpler then. note the “tacked on” water pump. Early Fords used natural convection, which means they overheated all the time.
‘60s “build quality.”
The “magic doorgate” could either open like this, or swing out from the left side.
Not what you think...
Somehow I think the Boss Coyote 5.0 is a better match for this GT.
“Woodie” station wagon.
Yes, back then the doors and sides of the car were solid wood panels, not fake stick on vinyl or veneer.
Edsel Corsair. I don’t remember if my grandpa had one of these or a Citation.
for the few years you could get a V6 in the Tempo, it was a fairly zippy car.
Mk1 Fiesta, complete with 12" wheels (LOL)
Aussie Dodge Charger
Sunbeam Tiger.
the Cobra was far from the first time someone stuffed a Ford V8 into a British sports car
Bricklin. Car and Driver said it looked like it was trying to eat an 8-track cassette.
Sadness and fail.
Somehow I think the new NSX kind of misses the point of the old one.