This week we have mustang_gurl's 2002 Ford Mustang, "White Flame"

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Last week, we featured a post I gave up on about half way through.

This week, it's even lazier.

Let's hear what she has to say about it.

Well first off i want you all to know who i am and yea i am a girl that drives a bad ass car. when i get my pics of my car done i will be sure to put them on here but this is just my first pic.This is my firt pic of my car it is kinda a frount side view. i know it's kinda a shitty pic sorry. This is a pic of the back end of my car hopefully soon i will be able to get the Euro Lights This is just another frount shot except with the doors open.This is a pic of my rims, they are the rims that came with it, but they will do for now.Here is another frount view it is kinda a shitty pic. i choose the wrong time od day to take thease pics.