This week, we have kinglexus302's 1995 Lexus ES - "Angry birds"

Welcome to CarDomaning, the activity of searching the abandoned, left-for-dead CarDomain profiles that time forgot for interesting cars, projects, personalities, and images. ….then posting them here.


Last week we asked you to make a choice. Kitty or Skittle? Your votes told us what we already knew.. No one really likes Skittles.

This week's featured ride is an ES300. Why did I chose a ES300? Because Jalopnik Purchase. Will it be a LeMons car? Rallycross? One Lap of Manhattan? We'll have to wait for that story to be told.

Enough Back to KingLexus302's whip.

It's hard to tell where His Majesty began his journey with this Lexus. "Green Apple" was never a factory paint flavor, so someone gave it a respray. Was it the King? Was it green when he got it?


It's also hard to tell what order these photos are in, so I'm going to tell the story in the order of the gallery.

We start with Jolly Rancher - A theme, 20" wheels, Lambo doors, a get-together of the asshat parking club of Newark, DE, and an B6 A4 to rustle the jimmies.

In case you didn't believe that he was rolling on twenties, here's your confirmation that the weight of the wheels, like precious metals (platinum/palladium/rhodium), are measured in inches. Or minutes.

This is something I have always wanted to know. What comes first? The stickers or the wheels? Answer: WHEELS. What size are they now? Such suspense.

After this, it gets a little cloudy, as the gallery might be a little out of order. At this point, who cares.

CSI: CarDomain says this one comes next. Such curves. Wow wheels. Model Neriza.

Boom, theme change, and the answer to our wheel question. I can't help but wonder what the view out the windshield would look like here. If she's even there in the first place. There aren't any parks that close to the Deleware Memorial Bridge to get that kind of shot.

I don't know where to stick this one, so I'll put it here to: 1) show you his wise decision to park a summer-rubber RWD car in the snow, and 2) to rustle some more jimmys with the TL.

I believe this is the last evidence we have of KingLexus' ride. Why? First; it has an Angry Bird drift charm (or trailer plug, or a license plate light) hanging from the rear valance, and second; no one gets smaller wheels unless you've been ignoring rent-a-rim's angry text messages.

No idea if this ES300 has a manual transmission. I'm guessing not, so.......