Huge turnout with some decent cars

I realize dealer cars are super lame at C&C, but Wichita sucks for cool new cars
Holy balance weights batman! Hard to believe a $200,000 supercar needs this much tacked on weight to balance
Meh. Honestly I find this car very unimpressive in person. Just kinda looks like an angular Acura coupe.
Mmmm, Z8. Very classy
I don’t like center gauges, but this looks good
Pet peeve at car shows: I don’t care about your stock engine. Put the hood down, let me see the car.
Finally saw one of these up close in person. I fucking love it, I need one.
Seriously I don’t care that a 911 is faster. For the money, I’m all i8
Even the interior looks good
I do like the M2, but M2 or GT350? GT350 all day
This wrap looked fantastic. Matte grey with a brushed aluminum roof. Choice
Nice caliper covers, bro
IS IT THE 90'S?!
When you want doors that go like this but you somehow have less money than you have taste
Believe it or not this car actually gets WORSE. Eesh
*vomits intensely*
Underground racing Superleggera. Neat.
I like the R8 more online than in person. The previous gen is better IMO. I legit thought this was a TT until I got really close
It had a rev battle with the Jag F-Type R Coupe, and sounded awesome. The F-Type was better sounding though
More i8. I spent a lot of time gawking at this car. Love the laser warning in the headlights
I wonder if the dude in the jacket owns the Subaru?
Huracan. Straight sex
Superformance GT40. Mother of god this thing is sweet
CATERHAM! Never seen a real one this close, I need it
I’m a fan. Gonna go try and cop a test drive soon.
I like the plate cause it references a good show
This thing...gross
Respect all builds? Fuck that this thing is horrible. Slammed to the ground, terrible paint, stupid stickers everywhere, giant LED bar

After C&C Jake and I went to a runway to build an autox course. I took the opportunity to finally try the zero to 60 timer with the tune. My previous best before tune was like 6.4. I’ve seen people get under 5 seconds, I got 5.4 twice in a row. Didn’t hook super well off the line, but oh well. 5.4 ain’t slow, and considering how infrequently I go for a straight line timed blast I’m sure it could be done quicker with experience.

The Mustang doesn’t make for a good cone truck. Got a course set up, test and tune event so I wasn’t too worried about quality. Ended up being decently fun. These RE-71Rs are great. Jake let me drive his Miata around, and despite his shitty tires those are such fun little cars. He’s salty mine is faster though


Ended the day by stopping at Carriage Crossing. Fucking delicious food, with the best pie in the world. The Amish know how to cook.