Being a night meet, with rain it scared away lots of cars so it was mostly imports. It was still a good turn out. I also met lots of Oppos. Between the rain, & not bringing good camera I never got good photos. There lots of Subarus there.

Yes, that is a Martini livered 500 Abarth in the back ground.
Zoidberg bait.
Reidus’s datsun is also very awkward to get in/out of.
The best car there.
It was modded brabus smart.
A “Mustang” sectioned, LS7, tube frame, in-board suspension, the interior had steel bucket seat. It looked terrible to drive, I want it.
This Supra did shoot flames.
Clean Madza 3.
This beatiful boat.
A LS7 split-window vette.
Some rare double bubble Fiat Abarth.