Autumn brings the falling of the temperatures. Summer was what I looked forward to in the Netherlands, but Fall is were it is at in Texas. Such nice temperatures, making the monthly shoot of Cars and Coffee that much easier on me.

This month I noticed instantly that it was a whole lot less crowded. There were a bunch of high profile car shows on that day, and I imagine people prioritize which ones they go to. Cars and Coffee is always a must, especially since I keep walking away with firsts. This month was seeing a Carrera GT getting on it to the point it visually upset the car. The interesting thing is that it seemed fine, and then just took a little step sideways. Not gradual at all. The soundtrack though... I love that F1 sound! And talking about that F1 sound, the LFA I caught leaving was playing a similar tune.

Muscle car wise I was happy seeing a 1972 Torino. It is a one year only front end, and seriously one of my favorites. Admittedly I like the 1970-71 better due to the closeness with the Falcon XB which was the base for the Mad Max car. (You now know where my YouTube fame would go if it ever gets that far, a Mad Max type build).

And yes... one of my favorite body styles. The 1969 Mustang Fastback. This was a Mach1 with a 390 and a 4 speed. A very nice example and a great engine / transmission combination!

Which was your favorite this month! Drop me a line!