I finally went to my first Cars & Coffee the other day. Despite being close to freezing when I arrived, the turnout was great. C&C Richmond is held at Regency Square Mall, which the hilarious Judgmental Map of Richmond (NSFW) describes as a “food court with a mall around it”. It’s a dying mall, which means ample parking for such an event. The cars were diverse.

Just arrived.
One of two old Land Cruisers.
Lots of people still arriving.
My first GT350 sighting.
Two 997s and a Pantera. The Pantera was lower than I expected.
There were several Vipers and lots of Hellcats.
Celica All-Trac
We get it, you street race.
On an old Mini
Some Bentley
Found another CU2
I took some photos of just the M3 and the M6 in the back, but they didn’t turn out.
One of two 356s
996 Carrera 4S
The only Mercedes worth photographing.
Secondary lot
This loser
Demon! It drew the biggest crowds all show.
Noble GTO-3R
JDM CRX and riced S14
Harlequin Integra sedan
Lonely new Si. Sadly West Broad Honda did not bring out their demo CTR this time.
More from the secondary lot.
I found an Oppo! or at least his car.
Another one of the 300SL roadster
Old British things
There were many M cars, but this E36 M3 was the only one that had even a remotely decent photo turn out.
Ruined GSR
I like the BBS wheels on the 911.
2 of the 4 R35s there. There was also an R32 sedan with questionable wheels.
CL Type S
I think they’re into their GTs.
LT4 on a C7 Z06
Another one of the Giulia and another Viper
ITR-ified RSX Type S
Closing with another 356