Despite freezing my ass off (thanks wind gusts making 45 feel like 35) I remembered to actually get my phone out and take some pictures. My HTC Bolt takes really good pictures actually, I was surprised.

Can I has pls?
My brother was in love with this
It’s a Spyder if it isn’t easy to see in the picture
This Corolla is always here and I always love it
I... Don’t hate this.
Shits so fancy it needs a second windshield
GIB (It still had temp tags)
Nitrous Blue is such a pretty color
This was so cool
I know it’s just a Cobalt SS but I love these
Dat rivalry
Someone bought one!
These are so pretty in person
Numbers matching big block square body
Said square body
Dat I8
The car it’s in is pretty damn pretty
I just had a feeling this thing hauls ass
This was trailered in so I’m guessing it’s pretty nuts/not street legal

I’m lucky I didn’t die though because there was a giant line of mustangs there. They were taking up almost an entire aisle of the lot.