I had a weird, almost emotional reaction to the Subaru pic in today's Best of Kinja post. Its just perfect. It makes me think of awesome pics of McRae thrashing a #555. Or our boy Ken Block just murdering tires in The One That Started It All (2:55, still my favorite Gymkhana move ever). I haven't owned a Subaru, but I often think of how fun it would be. Would I lower it and put fat tires and a stiff suspension on it? Or raise it a few inches and put some dirt tires and mudflaps on it? Can't decide, but some engine tweaking is a given.

A WRB STI with gold wheels, in factory livery, going balls out on dirt is the most natural and perfect thing ever. Its like when a bull stomps the shit out of a bull fighter. Or when an Olympic long jumper Super Mario nails a triple jump. Its a moment of bliss when everything is how its supposed to be.


So beyond Subies in the dirt, here's a few other things that come to mind when I think of cars in their natural habitat, doing what they're supposed to do. Its basically an exercise in Google Image Searching, but still fun, especially if you stay away from easy memes. Any others?