As a proud Saab pilot I am constantly reminded of Saab's great aviation heritage. Wether it be the center mounted ignition, or the screen telling me to check my brake lights before I leave my driveway (runway), Saab tried very hard to associate it with it's aviation roots, even though the two companies have been split for many years now (the defense company, unlike the car company is still around today) Saab held onto it's background in fighter planes. Saab always stretched their attachment to their parent company as seen in this glorious 80's Saab comercial:

Other airplane companies have made cars as well. I'm about to list some...

The people who made this:

(Lunar Lander for the Apollo Missions) and this:

(F-14 TomCat) are the makers of the Grumman LLV, more colloquially known as Post Trucks. Like Saab the LLV was made by an aircraft manufacturer. The LLV is also very quirky, like Saab. It's steering wheel is on the wrong side and it only comes with sliding doors. The Grumman and the Saab also both have GM sourced power plants (LLV has an Iron Duke). Unlike the Saab the LLV can and will stay on the road for 30+ years with heavy usage. (used everyday six days a week). This is justified, as LLV stands for "Long life Vehicle"


As you can see on Spyker's heritage page (which is actually quite pretty for a webpage they made airplanes at some point. Just look at their logo:

it has airplane written all over it. They also owned Saab at one point. That's a tie to aviation.


Ok. Honda is a car company first and formost (as far as we care, who needs marine engines, lawn mower and motorcycles anyway?) but they also make a jet (complete with embroidered sports wear), and a pretty one at that:

This is similar to a Learjet. Just a luxury plane. The engine placement is pretty rad (…).


Goodyear never made a car, but they made tires, and tires make the car (show me a good car that doesn't have tires) Goodyear also had a short lived partnership with Zeppelin (original company that made rigid airships. The name Zeppelin was a trademark at the time) where they made this thing:

The U.S.S. Akron. Thought I should mention this. Airships are cool.

Are there any other ones I missed? There must be tons of prewar companies that made planes and cars, but then again, there were tons of prewar companies making cars.


Does anyone else think Boeing could make a really cool Sport Sedan if they tried? Or a nice hot-hatch from Cessna? Leave comments, please, it's what Kinja was made for.