Nick Pugh is a concept designer, and graduate of Art Center's transportation design program. After leaving Art Center, he went to work designing all sorts of stuff for Hollywood, Disney, and contract work for advanced design centers around the world.

The Xeno started as his thesis project at Art Center, and he developed it over the years in full-size rolling chassis, a CNG-powered van, and eventually into this:

... a 500 HP, CNG-powered personal concept car. Pugh's development work on CNG drivetrains was patented, and licensed by Ford.

From the thesis project:

Initial ideation sketches


And the 1:5 scale clay:

The only picture I can find of the Xeno II:

Development of the Xeno III:

Crazy details abound:

From Pugh's description of the project:

In summation, Xeno 3 and the whole Xeno project is my attempt to present complex and contradictory ideas embodied in the form of a functional vehicle that are not futuristic or retro but simply exist outside the confines of contemporary automotive culture.

I first read about the project back in 1995, and it was part of the reason I got into car design in the first place. A great many people have been influenced by his work over the years, although in too many cases, "influenced" actually meant plagiarized. Ford's New Edge design language was arguably a rip of his ideas and style.