Frazer-Nashes were something like the British BMW back in the '20s and '30s, so much so that when BMW started whipping them in competition with their original 328, Frazer-Nash started selling those cars under license. But I'm getting away from the point.

The point is that the classic Frazer-Nashes, the cars you could buy stock and race around the country or enter in hillclimb competition, were chain-driven. Here's a picture of the setup.

Photo Credit: Brett Burnes

And another, because it's just so rad.

Photo Credit: Brett Burnes

The car were supposedly fantastic to drive, if very much in the classic rough, British mold. More than that, the cars were cheap speed. They might have been crude in their tech, but they had the performance of much more expensive cars. They also looked fantastic, though you wouldn't exactly call them styled. In any case, the Frazer-Nash fanboys we known as the "Chain Gang," and were seriously devoted to their brand.


Eventually Frazer-Nash joined the rest of the modern world and gave up on chain drive, pretty much crushing the souls of their fan base.

Sounds more and more like BMW doesn't it?

Top Photo Credit: dawarwickphotography