My ST killed a V8 American Car!!

I was driving home from one of my usual meets on Woodward, when a C4 Vette pulled next to me at the light, with two bros inside, calling out my 4-banger and whatnot; so I gave in to my inner hoon.


Numbers-wise the Vette was better in every way, didn't matter what year, each had more torque than my FoST.

I'd never done a proper stoplight comparative driving moment too, I was very nervous, yet I knew I'd be fine. No cars were around when we did this, so the only potential civilian casualties would be myself and the Vette Bros. I put Charlotte in sport mode and held the revs at 2000 rpm. The light turned green, the clutch was released, and there was much wheel spin from both cars as we inched forward, but I inched faster and banged it into sencond, then third, then fourth! I had at least 2-2.5 car lengths between the two of us. When we got to the next light, the driver didn't even look at me, while his friend was still talking shit, so I did the smart thing, and rolled my window up and drove home! What a night it was for me! :)

I'll admit this was very irresponsible too, but so worth it, you can only do so much in a lifetime and I'm glad I did what I did! Have a 930 for my epic win Oppo!