Chasing Die-Cast Cars

Welcome to Chasing Die-Cast Cars, a frequent installment where I will try to update and gather all the recent Die-Cast related posts and discussions with special attention to those participating in the Hot Wheels Exchange Program (official link;

(Please note that regardless of the title, we're open to all sorts of die-cast discussion no matter the brand, scale or your style of collecting, trading and and possibly zipping around your living-room floor!)

Recently, Oppo has seen an upswing in the number of Opponauts who are discussing, trading, modifying or collecting (and/or combinations apply) die-cast cars. There's a pretty clear focus around 1/64 scale Hot Wheels brand cars with splashes of Matchbox and some unknown makes. Though Johnny Lightning and Green Light have yet to make a play on Oppo, we love those posts showcasing the, perhaps, less common (to Oppo) brands like Tomica and Maisto.


Also, the Exchange Program has been a very hot topic in recent weeks with cars being shipped all over North America and possibly even to other continents (but I haven't seen it?) which is a pretty awesome aspect of Oppo collectors. Sure, it may cost a few bucks, but trading for the ones you want, those you can't find in your market, or just because you can is a pretty excellent way to help build the community because, I mean, who doesn't like toy cars?! Especially us "adult" types...

Now, getting on to the business at hand:


Jeff Simmons has been taking pictures of his collection, sharing some of his favorites with Oppo; &

My Buick Is Too A Real Muscle Car has also snapped some pretty cool pic's for us;

The Devil Inside is searching for a Porsche - any love, Oppo?

Frosted_Volvo has some really great stuff to share and I recommend clicking through his blog to find some real gems, but I'll get you started;

The Gold Dust Of Dinger Past proves that the program works and relies only on an agreement between gentlemen;

JQJ213 has come in strong with two huge dumps and trade opportunities; &


Lets Just Drive Is Mkolabin has scored some goodies and shipped a couple away; & & &

Aya Now Dates A Honda shows some class;

MR_BENJAMIN_ROLLAND went hunting for Hot Wheels and found a girl instead;

SASQUATCH wants a swap, no funny stuff you perverts;

EL_ULY scores big in a tiny box and proves again that the Exchange is a smash up success and you're a sucker for missing out;

Chase dropped some Matchboxes on us at Midday along with some Madness;

GRawesome got sent even more stuff, this time by a big, hair Samsquanch (TP ref ftw!);

Nick Drives A Rental Car and has a woman who gets him... gets him Hot Wheels, that is;

And I'll finish up today's update with a bunch of haul links:


PS: If you're one of us, and we haven't met or I don't know about your sickness so much like my own sickness, you should go ahead and reply to me below. I'm always trying to follow these posts, catch them when they are tagged, and keep a good enough list to make these dumb posts worthwhile... also, include a banana for scale.

Also, I just picked up that DTM CLK today and I'll share the rest of my score a little later this evening!