Hola, fellow die-cast addicts! The biggest news, this week, is of course.....

Hot Wheel Exchange Program now has its own forum! (hwep.kinja.com)

We're excited to get up and running, and we've already had some quality posts. Some of OPPO's best and most dedicated (EL_ULY, MYCARNEVERRUNS87, SN210) have come on board as admins, and we want you to be an active member of the community! MYCARNEVERRUNS87 has updated the exchange guidelines, you can find them here. If you are interested in being a HWEP author, just let me know in the comments!

As LET'S JUST DRIVE IS MLKOBIAN (originator of this series) so perfectly put it:

We're open to all sorts of die-cast discussion no matter the brand, scale or your style of collecting, trading and and possibly zipping around your living-room floor!

Some Crazy Popular Cars on the Hot Wheels Exchange Program (if you have it, someone will probably trade you for it)

The Homer

Quite a few users expressed interest in this car lately. Some other that were super popular: The Jetsons' car, the 993 GT2, and the Snoopy.


CIINUBBIN sent The Homer my way in exchange for the Boulevard edition of the '84 Pontiac Fiero. This is an interesting article I found over at diecastphotography.com which allows you to do a super cool 360 spin of the Homer.


The Wal-Mart exclusive ZAMAC (zinc, aluminium, magnesium, & copper alloy or as philiphilip lists it, "untainted") version of the Scion FR-S has been released and are showing up. Here's an interesting article on the Lamley group about it. It looks awfully similar to the "AE86 "colors of the earlier released FR-S, but should be much different in person. Have you seen it yet?

Update: Apparently there is a ZAMAC of the AE86 as well!

Teal Civic EF


MYCARNEVERRUNS87 summed it up nicely:

I had no idea the Civic was out in teal yet...that is as Honda as it gets! I will have to buy a couple of those for sure.

The red pin-striping on this model definitely sells it for me, although painting the B pillar black seems an odd choice, since (on this model, at least) it is obviously off and I don't think anyone would complain about a teal body-colored B pillar.

On Oppositelock, FROSTED, THE DIECAST CAR GUY posted his Johnny Lightning The Simpsons bus. Looks like he already got what he wanted in trade, but has also promised two more JL/The Simpsons posts..


FORGETFUL posted some of his collection here and here. According to the comments, he intends to join the HWEP soon...

I will start trading soon. The plan was to grab 2 of everything for trading purposes, but the store was pretty picked over this time around.

Another OPPO user to keep an eye out for is JKM7680 who posted:

Awesome! I'll get back into Hot Wheels. I shall.

B BODY BURNOUT threw out his back, but at least that gave him time to do a collection and exchange post.

Lumina mini-van? Yep, Lumina mini-van.

VORSPRINGING found some awesome Magnum, PI die-casts.

Was there ever a tri-color Volkswagen Sunagon on the show?

SAABSTORY has become a very active member lately, showing off trades with everyone from MR_BENJAMIN_ ROLLAND to, um,

Aventador J, courtesy of... someone. I know your real name, I just don't remember your screenname.

That's funny, because my screenname and my real name are the same! Glad you liked the Aventador J (and the Challenger and Sesto Elemento)!

In an HWEP first, EL_ULY and AYA have arranged for the first international trade! El_ULY is sending a red Alfa 8C to Indonesia where they are sadly red 8C-deficient.

On Saturday, I asked for what was number one on your "most wanted die-cast" list.

SN210, TYPE S asked which die-cast cars you own that are older than you.

ITCHYS2 received a surprise gold Mercedes in a trade with MR_BENJAMIN_ROLLAND. Nice.


Dinger put up his first post on HWEP, by showing off his favorite pictures in the aptly titled The HWEP Addict's First HWEP Post.

I am a fan of this one!

In regards to pictures, I started a Diecast Photo of the Day series, which I hope to resume on HWEP. Here's one of my favorites from back on April 8th:

MYCARNEVERRUNS87 offered some great tips for getting simple, clean shots of your diecast cars. I actually never would have started experimenting with photos if it hadn't been for his advice!

PHILIPILIHP SPELLED BACKWARDS showed off his latest project. His posts have definitely gotten me excited to try out customization. Also, big thanks to him and Arch Duke for helping design HWEP'S " Live and Let Die-Cast" logo!


One unexpected side effect the move has had is to give us a bunch of quality reviews:

Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R, 1:18 review by SN210, TYPE S

1:18 Mercedes-Benz E-350 CDI: A Die-cast Review by EL_ULY

BBurago 1:24 Lamboorghini Countach Model Review by ZEONTESTPILOT

1:24 '69 Pontiac GTO Judge model (mnfr: Classic Metal Works, line: StreetBeasts) by ZEONTESTPILOT

Tomica Lexus IS350 F Sport: Review By OTACONMUTASIM

And finally, here's all the versions the Pikes Peak Tacoma have been released in courtesy of Hot Wheels Wikia (http://hotwheels.wikia.com/wiki/Hot_Wheel…)

Thank you for reading this edition of Chasing Die-Cast cars! Please let me know anything I missed and what you'd like to see in future issues!