This is work of my friend who was instrumental in me getting to know Mid-Ohio, helping teams, meeting drivers and crew members. Without he and his Dad I likely never would have gotten to experience all the insider stuff I did for a few years with various teams. He now lives in the Atlanta area and after Kinetic Motorsports scaled back its team for a while he found himself working elsewhere as more a full-time machinist with just an occasional automotive project. Between industrial and medical equipment fabrication he does stuff like this.

He sent me the first few pictures of this Lola several years ago when they fabricated the new headers for it.

Its purely sexy work , they do fantastic stuff at this shop.


I recently got an update on more work this year on the same car. That is all in the following shots. They installed a cage and did some other work. You can see the headers have had some heat discoloration in the later shots. I love the look.

Then somebody brought in a rare Ford Thunderbolt that needed new headers . collectors and H-pipe fabricated so there was that. Chris himself has an El Camino and a Cobalt for daily drivers. Both have a few one off fabricated pieces that he sees fit to re-engineer when they wear out. Wish I was closer to Atlanta so I could get some stuff made for the A3. I might be discussing a few suspension and engine part ideas with him to make my 3.2 a bit more unique.


Here are the Thunderbolt pictures. Crazy that he used to fabricate Porsche and BMW NASA and Koni Challenge car chassis but now this stuff pays the bills. Hope you enjoy the pictures he has shared with me of fabricating those after taking apart the originals to replicate them. Sorry about the 2 pictures that wouldn’t post right side up. I guess they are just kinja’d.

Can you see why my title for this post is a question if this is just fabrication or is it art? I say its art pure and simple.