Quick assessment of the car.

Not much really.

After cleaning the wheels, onto the fun bit, snow foam prewash.

After a prewash, onto a two bucket wash.

Remember that bodywork that didn’t look all that dirty?

Here are the wash and rinse buckets afterwards.

Wash bucket

Rinse bucket

Rinsed, dried and sealed.

Onto the interior, given a good vacuum.

Always remember to take up the rear seats, you’ll be surprised how much crap gets under there. One of my pet hates is filthy under seats.

Sides of the seats where the 60/40 seat bases meet.

Front seat bases were looking awful with plaster, drinks, urea, etc... staining the seats.

Centre console covered with microfibre cloths and seat base soaked with fabric shampoo (or as in this case, Valet Pro Enzyme Odour Eater).

Agitated with a stiff nylon brush, no need to worry too much as the fabric on car seats is a lot stronger than you’d think.

Wet vacuum up.

Looking so much better.

Driver’s seat needing attention.

All done.

All nice and dry.

All finished, looking good.

My kit bags.

Then on to descaling and cleaning the Tassimo coffee maker.