An acquaintance down the road who likes to keep her car clean, hurt her back and asked if I could clean it and give it some protection for over the winter.

Car is a 2004 VW Golf Mk5 1.8TDi.

Washed the car down, sealed with CarPro HydroFoam and then loosely dried and then dried with Gyeon Cure. Cleaned the interior with Gtechniq I2ab, then added another layer of Cure.


Gtechniq Gwash - car shampoo,

CarPro HydroFoam - snow foam applied sealant,

Gyeon Cure - drying aid and sealant,

Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass - glass cleaner,

Gtechniq T1 Tyres & Trim - long lasting tyre and trim dressing,


Gtechniq I2ab Tri-clean - multi surface cleaner and anti bacterial,

Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass - glass cleaner,

Topped up the screen wash.

Job done.