If you want these cars, buy these other cars instead.

10: BMW 2002? No.

Volvo 142? Yes. 

The Volvo 142 is kind of like what a BMW 2002 would become if it fell out of the awesome tree and hit every branch on the way down: an awesome car.

8: Air Cooled Porsche? No.

Air Cooled Citroen? Yes.

Half as many cylinders (plus a little), twice as many doors, same basic shape, but infinitely cooler. But if you really like keeping the engine in the rear there is always the

Subaru 360? Yes.

Corvair Monza Spyder Turbo? Yes.

4: Ford Mustang? No.

Why get this car that everybody else already has. When you could get this other car:

Studebaker R2 SuperLark? Yes.

With a supercharged 289 V8 this Studebaker would blow the balls off (not in the sexy way) contemporary mustangs. Plus you won’t see 10 other ones at every cars and coffee.

2: VW Microbus? No.

Your tasteless, rich ass, could afford a real bus. Like this:

Double Decker Trolley Bus? Yes!

You can throw a cross city party for all your ugly rich fuck friends (place the commas where you will people) and still be confidently smug about polluting less than even smuggest Prius owner.

-0: Toyota FJ40? No.

Daihatsu Taft? Yes.

-2: Datsun 510? No.

Fiat 124? BMW 2002? Yes.

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