Number 7 will never believe you!

10: Mazda-Go

The 1931 Mazda-Go was the first truck produced by Mazda, and was innovative in that Mazda only used three wheels.

9: Hanseat Tempo

This front wheel drive truck was meant to replace farmer’s horses and carts. Despite the 10 horsepower motor, these trucks could carry an 1,100lbs, payload (albeit very slowly) - impressive!

8. Goliath GD 750

With a larger engine than the Tempo and rear wheel drive, the Goliath was pure sports truck. Truly the Porsche 911 of the truck world.

7: Mitsubishi Leo

Stunning styling, an enclosed cab, and seating for two ensured the Mitsubishi Leo became an instant classic. Today they are highly prized by collectors.

6: Daihatsu CM

One of these appeared in the hit anime drama Kill La Kill. Another one appeared in the hit anime musical Fool La Cool:

With so much anime cred, the Daihatsu CM is definitely one of our top picks for best truck ever.

5: Vespa Ape

Years before car manufacturers saw salvation in marketing crossovers, scooter company Vespa’s marketing geniuses decided turning their Vespa scooter into an SUV would be amazing. They were right, and we here salute their precocious genius.

4: Mazda T2000

When Mazda introduced the T2000 they not only created the most badass name in the history of trucks, they also created what was at that time the largest truck... in the world. The T2000 was so large that it could haul up to TWO more trucks! Amazing. So amazing in fact, you can build one yourself in scale model form:

3: Solyto

Solyto brought French styling to trucks as well as the love of sunshine and fresh air. Why don’t automakers today know how to make great drop top trucks?

2: Scammell Scarab.

Scammell was pulling no scam well when they sold their trucks to railway companies that needed to move huge loads through tight areas. These odd looking machines saw hard duty in their line of work, duty that would have destroyed a lesser machine in short order.

1: Daihatsu Midget

It looks vaguely like a classic Porsche 911, has an air cooled engine, Japanese quality and design, and James May drove one once, so of course it has to be the best. And it is! That’s why it is the truck of choice for weird animes:

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