There was a gathering of Soviet cars and trucks in Burbank yesterday. Some cool stuff. And a lotta Ladas, of course.

This big ZIL looks like an old Ford, or something.
Always a lot of weird sticks in these things.
This UAZ sits on a Bronco chassis and lives around the corner from me. It’s always a hoot to see in action.
I guess if everyone in your country drives a Lada, it’s not a disadvantage for the cops to drive one, too. This one has all the accoutrements.
This one’s got tiny weird sticks.
Always great to see some Nivas. Shame about the wheels on this white one, though.
This Volga has one of the world’s greatest speedometers. This is what it’s like to check your speed during the apocalypse.
Volga 24
The entertainment was as cool as the cars.