So I made it up to Climb to the Clouds. This thing was pulling out of a gas station as we were driving by. I pulled over to let him go so we could watch and listen. It was so loud I couldn't hear my car or the radio over the glorious rumble. It was incredibly quick for its size, at least accelerating. The guy took turns pretty slow.

I've seen this around but didn't recognize it at first, being on all 4 wheels and all.

This thing was a beast and that's really all you need to say about it.

Thats not my WRX, it was just 1 of about 50 of them on top of the mountain not including the cars participating in the race. They let about 150 cars up. I'm pretty sure more that half were Subarus and of those, about half were WRX's. The JF I believe is a Special Edition with the color match roof.

And there I am (well my car I'm actually behind the camera), the WRX facing the camera on the lower level near the right. I'll post some rally pics later. I also have some videos but I'm not sure how to go about posting those.