So I have a rental, its sorta good, its sorta bad

There it is now!

Looks pretty good, I really like hatchbacks, and I really like white cars

yurg, hub caps

got a good looking front end though

I do like the dark surrounds for the headlights

this is one of those good but bad things, it IS pretty cool, but WILL result in your fumbling around the back door attempting to pry your way in

good a sufficient boot

boo rental key rings!

but flip keys are neat!

this is dumb, I found the seat position kinda sucked, there was a lot of adjustment, was odd that it was part manual part electric, but I found the position didn't let me see this stalk very well

and the seat felt like it was pushed to the right, so the gauge cluster didn't seem to line up to the steering wheel

and my leg rubbed all the time against the centre console

seats had nice fabric, visual appeal, good bolsters, but did not feel good on my back, and this is from someone who drives a fixed position "racing" type seat

good leg room in the back with the driver's seat in good position

good arm rest in the back

with a handy pass through / escape route

good sound, well located speaker in doors

two lights when they could have done one!? THANKS VW!

kiddie locks that kiddies can't undo themselves, so handy

This drives me crazy, the visor can only be lowered with your right hand, that's not so handy

and I simply cannot figure out how to turn on this light... if thats what it is

well laid out centre console, mostly easy and intuitive...

except for this knob, you can't see all the position markings without leaning over

ok, I'm dumb, I get it, but I got my thumb stuck here more than once... poor design, either the car of my brain I can't decide

the go, 2.5l 5cyl, neato... needs a wash, as did the car's roof, much was the bird poo

not a manual... but it does has a 6 speed auto with manual selection... I played greatly with the manual selection. Good knob feel too. Could have done without all the ultra shiny and sun reflective chrome

traction control disable... just a couple of seconds of button pushing, neat

26.5mpg? now is this a poor reflection on the car, or on the drivers of rental cars?

AUX input in the arm rest, PERFECT! but a USB power outlet would be awfully handy (would have saved me buying a power inverter)

I think these mirrors suffer from form over function. Also, the little light that shows when the indicator is on confused me at first, as I assumed it was a blind spot indicator and quintuple checked my blind spot on my first lane change

nope. too many controls. And the button on the bottom, if you don't hold down the stalk will lead to the stalk being raised and wipers turning on.

did not find the cruise control intuitive, and the cancel function sucks, too easy to flick over to off.

Value for money? Well YEAH! what with the dirty paper towel full of pennies the last owner jammed into the glove box!