What’s this? You’ll never guess. But first check out this ThinkPad 600E, it involves this machine:

Now back to the IBM box...

An IBM Selectabase II, new in box!

Contents laid out. Power cable, hard drive caddy, bezels, some papers + manual and diskettes.

Help stickers are cool.

The dock, wrapped in plastic.

You can add a 5.25" disc drive and various IBM Ultrabay drives from the 90s.

Yeah, that’s right. ISA + PCI slots in docking station.

The cards I will use... Matrox Millennium G450 32MB PCI + Creative Sound Blaster 16 + WaveBlaster II. Unfortunately the dock didn’t like the sound card so I ended up not using it.


The ports

IBM Selectabase 600 is required for the ThinkPad 600 series to work with the dock.

All docked! That’s a 600E Pentium II 366MHz, 288MB RAM, 60GB hard drive with Windows 98SE on it.

The input devices, speakers, and monitor.

Windows 98 desktop