We all know how it feels to get pulled over. If at first you don't know why it's happening, your heart rate rapidly increases as you try to think of the many possible laws you might have broken.

Was it the missing front plate on my '95 viper? Does my E-Type (penis-mobile) have a tail light out? Is it because I drive a stanced and murdered S5 and the cop just hates European luxury ? Maybe he/she could smell me hot boxing in my Escalade? Is it because I'm an ex-con who just got out after 10 years in jail?

Well next time this happens to you on April 1st don't panic because you might actually be getting pulled over for obeying the law. In an unusual turn of events, pranksters from Break, with the help of local law enforcement officers, hand out real US $100 bills to drivers who were doing everything right (with the exception of one woman who was given the money and a verbal warning for a non-functioning brake light). This is part of a series they call "Prank it ForWarD," and it's nice to see people rewarded for safe driving. It's almost like those BS car insurance schemes that send you a $50 check for not reporting that hit-and-run accident you got into with the handicapped Korean War vet in the ARCO gas station parking lot last month

The series also sparks new life into the ongoing debate: Is it better to Prank It FWD or RWD?

Image Credit: Break .com