I guess beige wanted a bite of Boston cream...

From NBC-10 Philladelphia

Surveillance cameras rolled as a car slammed into a Dunkin' Donuts in Roxborough.

It happened at the Dunkin' Donuts on 7104 Ridge Avenue.

The driver of a car that slammed into the store says she feels "stupid," but is otherwise doing okay.


"I was backing up after buying blueberries," said Bobbie Makous. "My foot got stuck and I panicked."

The accident was captured on surveillance video. The video shows customers frantically move out of the way as the car crashes into the store. One man in a blue shirt slipped and fell onto the ground. The debris from the crash also nearly hit a young boy who got out of the way and ran into the arms of a guardian. Officials say no one was seriously hurt.

The car was removed from the building but the Dunkin' Donuts is currently closed for repairs.