Heyas All,

I'm the Newb on the streets and what most will consider a BRO, even though I use my truck and have a 20K pintle hitch ready for duty!

It's a '13 Ram Power Wagon, I do chuck wagon cookoff's and sometimes the 1" steel banded wooden wheels get a bit hard to push. But I drive it like a racecar. Why is it a sin to wash the thing? ;)


My last car was the Genesis R-Spec, I will get to that later, but WOW.. acceleration and luxury beyond its value.

SO, I am doing LoneStar LEMANS and F1 this year. Need friends as the daughter and wife hate racing. I have Lot A for LeMans and the official offsite lot for F1. Carpool anyone? I have seen my Texas Brethren here so lets get to know each other.