Thanks for the feedback

Very appreciative for those of you who gave me some great thoughts on COTD.

It sounds like you all prefer the old way of COTD and that's what we'll be going back to full time. The reframing will only exist when we pull out great comments/exchanges from our Q&As. You guys all brought up traditions and stuff like that and it's super important to me. The way reframing works right now isn't perfect, so now's not the time to change COTD for anything other than special occasions.


I know you're weary about Kinja. Trust me, it's worth sticking around. Kinja has allowed us to do some really cool stuff on our site and there are more cool things in the works.

But normal COTD service will resume tomorrow, and feel free to reach out with more suggestions/thoughts/whatever.

Cheers, everyone.

COTD: 'I love what you've done here' or 'What the hell did you do?'

OK, those aren't the only two answer choices. But if you haven't noticed, we like shaking things up every now and then. And

I haven't formally introduced myself. I'm Zac, I've been handling COTD on Jalopnik since October.


This week was weird because of Detroit and the Q&As. We've started using the reframe tool on doing "best comments of Q&As" edition of COTD. Then we started doing it on all the COTDs, with the new post on top of the one the COTD came from. I get the sense the community at large is not a fan, and it's OK if you aren't, but let's hear it in this post:

Old way or new way?

I think when we do COTD based on Q&As, we'll do the reframe. I like the way all the COTDs look with the reframe, but it makes it hard to comment just on COTD and that's a big part of the post.


Anything else about COTD you'd like to shout out (well not shout)? I'm hear to listen/read.