Wild bad ideas keep appearing...

This is a 2006 Chevy Cobalt Supercharged. It is a peppy fast supercharged 4 cylinder that could keep pace with many higher horsepower cars. This one is only $2K because it has 200k miles and even though I know it is only held together by Elmer’s glue and has a nasty habit of turning off and killing people. There is still much want here.

Freshen up that interior and you may just have a nice beater autocross car. Although it would still be nice to know what “needs some TLC” is referring to.



The second bad idea is this Honda CRX-HF. No, it is not the Si performance edition everyone wants. This is the fuel efficiency version rated and over 50 MPG highway and 40s in the city. At $1500 you are investing less per gas saved mile than even a heavily used Prius before a battery replacement. And this one has a manual.

However, my big concern with this one is the seller mentions a fender bender, but the way the hood is misaligned, I am skeptical that it wasn’t a bit more.

That interior though...

One more ode. This one, has way to much rust to even be on the radar as a bad idea for me, but I do hope someone picks it up and restores it.

I am truly spoiled with this CL region...