What are you working on?

I found a cheap garage sale acoustic a few years ago and one night, with nothing better to do, I went at it with black and silver sharpies. No plan, just drawing. No erasing either... Fuck up and figure out a way to use the mistake. The magazine clippings are all that remain of my old guitar player (guitar world?) magazine stash from the 90's and early 2000's. Silver paint sharpie really makes things come to life! Here’s some pics.

Okay, one more. I’m currently deep cleaning my condo because I lost my wallet, and came across my first and only stained glass project a year ago. Not religious in the slightest.... But the cross is just such a cool image! Generally my go-to piece when getting acquainted with a new art style. I would love to try more stained glass work. I wonder if my HOA would throw a fit if I mounted a landscape piece to the inside of my window. Featuring my Miata.

I’m hoping this post will A.) get you to show off your crazy ttalent and B.) encourage me to dust off some of the artistic chops that haven’t been getting much attention lately. We’ll see!