Finally got a good Thursday to go to another Cruise Night at Bass Pro at Gillette Stadium. Enjoy:

CrZrsN bait

This was street legal

I've decided I need to own a big ass Cadillac at some point in my life

Awesome door cards in this rat rod

Logansteno bait!

Wrench for a gas pedal, farm jack shifter, awesome rat

Former Patriot's TE Christian Furia's Eleanor GT350 vert! Never seen a drop top Eleanor. Didn't get to talk to Christian, but I saw him drive by

Zero Fuchs given


God I love M45's! Too many "custom" touches for my taste, but I still wanted it

How many batteries do you need to do this?

Six. Six batteries.

This thing was big

This Thing was small

Cherry man bait

This did NOT have a stock engine

And now for two polar opposites

Ever seen a Freeway?

Ever seen a Freeway being picked up by two guys?