If you've been following along, I designed some custom graphics for the PS4's DualShock 4 controllers. There's more photos on flickr.

After Oppo helped me decide which ones to make for real, I sent the wrap design to GelaSkins and the light bar decal design to Flaming Toast. For the Martini one, I wanted an all-white background where the skin wouldn't have covered. So, I took a brand-new controller apart and painted & clearcoated the top piece.

For the "Pink Pig" one, I wasn't so concerned with the background colour, but if you can read German you'll notice that the pork cuts are as anatomically accurate as they are on the 917/20 of Reinhold Jöst and Willi Kauhsen.

The level of detail reproduced in the skins is excellent. I'm glad that I chose to submit an image 4096 pixels wide (and even scratch-made the sponsor logos at a higher resolution), because any pixelation or errors in the digital image would've shown up in the physical skin.

The light bar decals are obviously influenced by the colour of the light bar. For that reason, I left the "Lonestranger" decal clear white, and had only the Martini International Club logo left in colour. Here is is when the light is white: