So, there will be red- and blue-coloured DualShock 4 controllers available for PS4.


I think my coloushift PS3 one looks much cooler. But that got me to thinking, why not a famous racing livery? Whaddya think? Now I want to get my hands on one, just so I can paint some stripes on it, maybe a decal or two, and clear it. But which livery? Gulf, JPS, Martini, 555, Jagermeister, Alitalia, Marlboro, BrawnGP, etc? Maybe some ///M stripes? Any suggestions? Something fairly simple, no BMW art car-levels of complexity are gonna be workable on a controller. I might whip up a few concepts in GIMP.

UPDATE: Yeah, I went a little nuts. Here's what I made tonight, including one especially for RMudkips.

Thanks to Pocket Liveries for some inspiration & colours.