It turns out I was released from corporate hell earlier than 8 which made my Happy.

So, I'm reviewing some absolutely horrible Protein Powder I bought from Cvs. Plus some random Auto parts to make this fit better.

Taste 3/10. Have you ever tried inducing Vomiting on purpose? If you haven't and would like to explore the possibilities, try to mix this in with a Banana. I tried to, and wound up finding some horrid piece of half blended Banana mixed in there. Yuck. Even with just water, it tastes like shit.

Price 1/10. It's only slightly cheaper than Cocaine

Bro Factor 6/10. It's Cvs brand. Not Bro-Y enough, if it isn't already.

Nasty Factor 10/10. I've already made this point. It's sorta like sticking your finger down your throat after eating Indian Food.

They give you a free measuring spoon-y thing. That's nice for $30, it better me a damn nice spoon.


Conclusion- No Bueno if you have a Gag reflex. It tastes like Sewage, and that Chocolate Milk that's been in your Aunts fridge since 1991.