I think the old Kinja (before rape gifs, obviously) was slightly better, even if we had to deal with idiots and trolls. Obviously they had to deal with the problem at hand, but I hope this isn't the final iteration. Now the discussion is just broken. Nobody reads the grays, so most of the good commentary is lost. Much of the great commentary comes from people who only comment once or twice, but they have something great to say, or are an expert on some particular topic. Instead of that comment naturally coming to the top as it (sometimes) did, it will be lost in the sea at the bottom and never read. It's a real shame. There has to be a better way than this.

I didn't comment on every single topic, but sometimes when I did, I got 100+ stars. Now those occasional good comments will never get seen. I doubt I'll get followed (especially by Gawker) because 100% of my comments aren't Pulitzer worthy. My level of enjoyment of reading the Gawker family has gone down greatly since the new system was implemented. I come half for the stories and half for the comments. The comment half is greatly lacking now.

I think the actual solution would be to put images (html included) behind a click wall except for approved people. You could approve many more people that way (instead of Gawker's frankly ridiculous "less than 500"), but good discussion would still get stars and move up. Anyone can post text, trolls can still get banned/dismissed, trolls can't post pictures that everyone sees.

Oh well. It's just the internet. Maybe I'll get more work done this way.