Me and Herr Quattro had a play date after work today. We even made postcard pictures! :-P

As you can tell, I had a good bit of fun after work today. I was working in Marietta, SC and I stumbled upon a place at the top of the mountain where they'd been planning to build a housing development. Then the recession hit and the company went bust before they even finished leveling out the land, leaving nothing but a giant expanse of mud, hills, and lots of muddy dirt trails through the woods.

Someone who lived nearby told me that it had been turned into a sort of public off-road park by the locals and that nobody would care if I went and had a little fun there while it was still nice and muddy.

So have a little fun I did! Since I live in South Carolina, this will probably be about as close as I'll get to hooning in the snow any time soon, haha.

BTW: Sorry about the bad picture quality. The rear camera on my potato is busted, so I had to use the front-facing camera and get creative with the editing software, haha.


UPDATE: Holy crap, Bill Caswell made one of my pictures his cover photo on Facebook!:

P.S. - Also, apparently Google+ doesn't know the difference between mud and snow...